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2003 RESERVE ZINFANDEL, Dry Creek Valley. In the glass, the wine exhibits a beautiful deep purple opacity and a lovely black cherry nose. The massive jammy flavors and bright, balanced acidity on the mid-palate showcase its Dry Creek heritage. Hints of anise on the long, long finish. Elegantly crafted to age 15 years. 164 cases produced. 15.4% Alcohol. Retail $48.00/bottle, Wine Club $36.00/bottle.

2004 RESERVE ZINFANDEL, Dry Creek Valley. Dark and inky, with a lovely black cherry nose. Round plums on the front lead to a mid-palate of pomegranate and raspberry.  Huge mouth-feel with a long lingering finish of slightly sweet fruit, this wine screams DRY CREEK ZINF! Should drink best into 2017.  164 cases produced. 15.4% Alcohol. Retail $48.00/bottle, Wine Club $36.00/bottle.

2005 RESERVE ZINFANDEL, Dry Creek Valley. The 2005 vintage was definitely the vintage of that decade. The beautiful garnet color is a feast for the eyes while the expansive berry bouquet informs the nose that this is genuine Dry Creek Zinfandel. The mid-palate is entirely dominated by jammy flavors of blackberry and bing cherry. The flavors are pulled together in the lengthy, elegant finish.  204 cases produced. 15.3% Alcohol. Retail $50.00/bottle, Wine Club $40.00/bottle.

2007 ZINFANDEL, ESTATE, Dry Creek Valley.  The Zinfandel blocks on the Teldeschi Estate range from 5 years to nearly a century old, with three of the four vineyards planted on benchland and the fourth on the Dry Creek Valley floor. The wine displays these perfect locales and the near-perfect weather conditions of 2007 with a bright red hue, an explosion of jammy fruit, and just the right amount of tannin and acidity to pair beautifully with either haute cuisine in a fine restaurant or home-cooked pasta at your own kitchen table. Unmistakable classic Dry Creek terroir from an exceptional vintage. 360 cases produced. 16.1% Alcohol. Retail $40.00/bottle, Wine Club $30.00.

2008 ZINFANDEL, ESTATE, Dry Creek Valley.  Fruity, big and bodacious. It is our most massive Zinfandel to date. Quintessential Dry Creek Valley zinf hits the mark with concentrated dark fruit aromas and bing cherry flavors. Blackberry jam comes through in the finish to compliment briary fruit tannins. Opens up nicely during a  meal with firm acidity. 394 cases produced. 15.8% Alcohol. Retail $40.00/bottle, Wine Club $30.00.


1999 PETITE SIRAH, Dry Creek Valley. Huge and jammy, deep purple black color entice you to breathe deeply. Big fruit takes its place on center stage while the lengthy finish and huge mouth-feel demand an encore from now until 2019. 14.3% Alcohol. Retail $48.00/bottle, Wine Club $30.00.

2000 PETITE SIRAH, Dry Creek Valley. Intense color and sublime aromatics that can only come from benchland vines that were grown on the Teldeschi Home Ranch. Berry and black cherry flavors dominate the mid palate supported by the classic Teldeschi fruit tannins. The finish lingers nicely and it is ready to drink now. 13.8% Alcohol. Retail $48/00 bottle, Wine Club $30.00.

2001 PETITE SIRAH, Dry Creek Valley. The Petite Sirah vines at the Teldeschi Home Ranch are some of the oldest on the estate, with one block that was planted before Prohibition. The intensity of the old vine fruit shows in the deep dark color and powerful berry nose. The solidly structured mid-palate is dominated by massive fruit layered over a solid tannic base. The wine was bottle-aged for seven years before release, giving it soft, supple tannins and a smooth and lengthy finish. 13.8% Alcohol. Retail $48/00 bottle, Wine Club $30.00.

2002 PETITE SIRAH, Lot 2, Dry Creek Valley. This wine reveals the character and complexity derived from the Teldeschi Home Ranch benchland site. The intense dark color immediately indicates Petite Sirah in the glass. Bombs of blackberry and plum dominate the surface while expansive but magnificently smooth tannins percolate beneath. Still fresh and slightly tight at release, this wine should continue to evolve and give pleasure into 2020. This is our most massive Petite Sirah to date at 15.3% Alcohol. Retail $48.00/bottle, Wine Club $30.00.

2003 PETITE SIRAH, Dry Creek Valley. At first glance, this wine looks black. Powerful blackberry and blueberry extraction push this creation to the edge. Layered  complexity throughout  the mid-palate with a long warm finish. Dark, inky and chewy, this wine has the potential to age gracefully for up to 2 decades. 498 cases produced. 15.3% Alcohol. Retail $48/00 bottle, Wine Club $30.00.


2006 CABERNET SAUVIGNON, Page Vineyard, Alexander Valley. The grapes come from the finest fruit of the Alexander Valley. A small percentage of co-fermented Cab Franc from the same vineyard adds to the complexity of this classic Cabernet. Drinkable now but should continue to age nicely for many years to come. Enjoy with your favorite full-flavored cuisine. This wine needs to be decanted.  246 cases produced. 14.6% Alcohol. Retail $40.00/bottle, Wine Club $32.00.


Meaning “new world” Terranova is Dan’s unique blend which honors his father, Frank, who first started farming the family vineyards in 1946. The blend comprises Petite Sirah, Carignane, Valdiquie and Zinfandel.

2001 TERRANOVA, Dry Creek Valley. The ruby color in the glass is still bright for a wine of its age. The nose displays the panoply of berry flavors one expects from the benchland Teldeschi fruit. The mid-palate is medium-bodied and exceptionally well balanced. The long, smooth finish still has a little tannic zip that indicates the wine should continue to drink well for years. An incredibly food-friendly wine. 13.8% Alcohol. Retail $30.00/bottle, Wine Club $20.00.

2002 TERRANOVA, Dry Creek Valley. The color in the glass shows a combination of Carignane’s bright red and Petite’s deep purple. The nose displays an impressive array of rich berry flavors one expects from Teldeschi benchland fruit. Full-bodied and exceptionally well balanced mid-palate resulting from the proper amount of bottle aging. The Zinfandel and Valdiguie grapes round out the flavors to make this wine a perfect accompaniment to Northern Italian or Provencal cuisine. 342 cases produced. 15.1% Alcohol. Retail $40.00/bottle, Wine Club $28.00.

2003 TERRANOVA, Dry Creek Valley. Dark, dark purple color foreshadows that the heft of this vintage’s Terranova will rival one of Dan’s Reserve Zinfandels. The massive tannins soften up after only a few minutes in the glass and take a back seat to heaps of fruit. Blackberry up front and blueberry on the finish.  Drink now or in 2 years for the ultimate Teldeschi experience.  373 cases produced. 14.8% Alcohol. Retail $40.00/bottle, Wine Club $28.00.


2010 VALDIGUIE, Dry Creek Valley. The Teldeschi’s have been growing Valdiguie on their Estate Benchland since the late 70’s. Back then it was known as Napa Gamay. It was Frank Teldeschi’s second biggest component that he would blend into his Zinfandel based blend. He liked how it brightened up the fruit and added red berry like components to the flavor. Always a blender in Dan’s Zinfandel, Terranova, Petite Sirah and Terraluna, in 2010 he decided to make it as a varietal and bottle it as Valdiguie. It has a bright red hue, an explosion of jammy fruit, and just the right amount of tannin and acidity to pair beautifully with either haute cuisine in a fine restaurant or home-cooked pasta at your own kitchen table. 100 cases produced. 13.8% Alcohol. Retail $30.00/bottle, Wine Club $21.00.


2002 CINQUE TERRE, Reserve, Dry Creek Valley. Dan’s blend of five classic varietals, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Syrah, Carignane, and Petite Sirah make for a truly unique red. The nearly opaque purple color foreshadows the intense black fruit flavors that burst onto the palate. A broad mouth-feel is layered with supple tannins that promise an exceptional quaff many years into the future. The  pinnacle of Dry Creek Valley decadent pleasure.  120 cases produced. 14.2%Alcohol. Retail $50.00/bottle, Wine Club $40.00.

2007 TERRALUNA, Estate Reserve, Dry Creek Valley. The fourth release of this super-premium blend of Carignane, Valdiguie and Petite Sirah showcases the classic flavors of Teldeschi estate fruit. Massive berry flavors up front lead into a solid backbone of Petite Sirah. With 15.9% alcohol, it’s the biggest Terraluna to date and should drink well into 2019. 93 cases produced. Retail $80.00/bottle, Wine Club $50.00.

2008 TERRALUNA, Estate Reserve, Dry Creek Valley. The fifth release of Dan’s super-premium blend of Carignane, Valdiguie and Petite Sirah is more complex and sensuous than the in-your-face 2007. Aromas of berries and violets from the Carignane and Valdiguie dominate the nose while the Petite Sirah supplies overwhelming fruit and solid tannin from the first sip through the mid-palate. Layers of classic Dry Creek berry flavors unfold into a silky, long-lasting finish. Solidly structured to age for at least 12 years. 96 cases produced. 15.2% Alcohol. Retail $80.00/bottle, Wine Club $50.00.


2013 CHARDONNAY, Santa Ynez Valley. Any elegant Chardonnay starts with exceptional fruit. We selected grapes from the Santa Rita Hills known for their superior quality. This limited release Chardonnay exhibits enticing ripe golden apple, honeyed citrus, peach and tropical fruit aromas just begging for your attention. The array delivers ripe peach and tropical flavors enhanced by a long, Succulent, smooth, mineral-tone finish. Try pairing with your favorite rich fish, poultry, lamb and pork dishes. Only 112 cases bottled. 13.9% Alcohol. Retail $30.00/bottle, Wine Club $18.00.


2006 ZINFANDEL PORT, Estate, Dry Creek Valley. This port has the up front fruit of your favorite Teldeschi zinfandel with a bright sweet wild-berry nose. Its’ dark ruby color pleases the eye while the chocolate gelato finish reminds you of that long ago summer in Italy. Drinking well now through 2018. 395 cases produced. Alcohol 16.8%, Residual Sugar 6.0%. 500mL bottle. Retail $40.00/bottle, Wine Club $25.00.

2009 MUSCAT CANELLI, Dry Creek Valley. Golden amber hue with sweet apricot and orange blossoms, and a hint of caramel in the nose. The juicy peach flavor is a wonderful reminder of the late fall harvest. Honeysuckle accentuates a lush finish that lasts on the palate. Pour over vanilla bean ice cream or sip neat for dessert. 16.0% Alcohol, 6.3% Residual Sugar. 375mL bottle. Retail $30.00/bottle, Wine Club $20.00.

NV PINK ZINFANDEL. Our ‘pink zinf’ is all you want the pink to be. It has the color of bubble gum and a yummy sweet strawberry nose with all the drinking characteristics of candy water. Drink chilled while lounging by the pool or with reckless abandon while swinging in your hammock. So light in alcohol you’ll need two bottles to get wherever you’re going. 10.0% Alcohol. Retail $10.00/bottle, Wine Club $8.00.